Left to right: Lisa O’Hare as Sibella, Bryce Pinkham as Monty and Catherine Walker as Phoebe in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and MurderLinda Cho leaned on actors and the fantasy of historical fashion for her Tony-winning design on A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

When costume designer Linda Cho first read the script for the future Tony Award-winning musical comedy A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder, she knew it would be a costume designer’s dream to work on. An experienced veteran of opera and regional theatre, Cho relished the challenge of such a wild show, particularly its key component: star Jefferson Mays playing all eight members of the D’Ysquith Family, male and female, thus changing costumes quite frequently. 

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Scott EllisEven with a punishing schedule, Scott Ellis still finds directing rewarding

On the first day of tech rehearsal for On The Twentieth Century starring Kristin Chenoweth and Peter Gallagher, director Scott Ellis looks relaxed and quite comfortable navigating the lines of equipment cases, cables snaking through the auditorium, and the glowing laptops manned by production minions within the American Airlines Theatre on West 42nd Street in Manhattan. The 57-year-old theatre and television veteran is hopeful for this new production, the first revival of the show on Broadway since its debut 35 years ago. This particular venue does not normally put on musical productions, and Ellis’ vision had to be scaled back after his intended spot (the Sondheim Theatre where Beautiful is still raking in the bucks) was unavailable. But he is happy with the new venue and the fact that the smaller theatre works well with the show’s more intimate scenes.

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The cast of Crazy for YouLegendary theatre photographer Joan Marcus shares her artistic point of view

The sumptuous photography of Joan Marcus has captured the essence of Broadway and regional productions for nearly 30 years. Marcus started taking illuminating production images at the Kennedy Center in Washington back in the ‘80s; Since then, Marcus has taken photographs of over 500 shows, including Angels In America, The Normal Heart, The Little Mermaid, The Book of Mormon, August: Osage County, Pippin, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Motown the Musical and The Snow Geese. She was also a 2014 honorary Tony Award winner. The approach Marcus takes to her photography melds both the creative and practical—she’s able to work with actors to get them to reveal so much of their characters to her lens, and at the same time hone her technical work process so it’s straightforward and completely efficient. 

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A Raven in Disney’s Festival of Fantasy paradeHow 3D printing is influencing costumes at Disney’s Festival of Fantasy parade and soon, your costume shop

3D printing has changed the way many designers problem-solve and execute designs for theatre, film and themed entertainment. First developed in the 1980s by engineers as a means of rapid prototyping, the last 10 years have seen this technology skyrocket for the purposes of both prototyping and manufacturing end use items. This technology is finding its way into educational institutions and large-scale entertainment spectacles alike, with a growing range of theatrical applications. 

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The design for the seashell headdress for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy paradeCreating a seashell headpiece for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy parade

After the successful printing of the raven mask for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy parade, Mirena Rada, Lisa Hanusiak and their teams looked to 3D printing to create additional custom pieces for the parade. In some cases, as in the raven mask, they were able to use the item printed in the parade, while for others 3D printing was utilized to make the initial mold, which was then cast in another material. One such vibrant example is the spectacular seashell headdresses in the parade. This time, Rada’s initial design was split into three separate components, two shell pieces and one crown.

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A moment from The Last days of Judas Iscariot, with a lighting design from Jim MoodyLegendary lighting designer Jim Moody teaches from his life at LACC

A career path in technical theatre is rarely the shortest distance between two points. I know a lighting designer who started as a banjo player and a rigger who has a doctorate in Latin from Oxford University. The road map from drama school to retirement (or unemployment, as it is known in the theatre) will often look more like a maze than a freeway. Along the way, offers of more money, the advice of mentors or the need to make the rent or car payment will steer you off course quicker than your parents asking when you will get a real job. Rule One of Theatre dictates that you must never turn down work. Rule Two tells you not to become too good at that temporary job or you will never be promoted out if it. It’s the Peter Principle of the entertainment business. 

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The Anaheim Convention Center was once again home to Winter NAMMNew sound gear from NAMM 2015

Winter NAMM has become the premiere convention for live sound professionals and its 2015 edition, which took place from Jan. 22-25, was the largest in its history. Over the course of four days, 99,342 attendees attempted to visit as many of the 1,621 exhibiting companies as they could. Amidst the rock ‘n’ rollers and DJ’s there was also plenty of gear for the theatre crowd as well. Here are some of the highlights. 

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The MSMT crewSix years ago, MSMT Costumes was born. Four tractor trailers full of costumes purchased from a theatre in Florida arrived in late spring to the coastal college town of Brunswick, Maine, and with the help of many determined folks, costumes were unloaded into a 6,000-square-foot space within the walls of a former New England textile mill. As costumes were unboxed and hung on racks, Maine State Music Theatre’s dream of starting a musical theater costume rental company with a national reach was being realized. Within just a few weeks, we rented out our first costume package to our first customer deep in the south. Six years later, and with heartfelt thanks to so many of you, the business has boomed and we are one of the leading costume rental companies in the country.

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The 2013 Stageworks production of Marisol at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, featuring design from members of their Production and Design Studio.At New York University Tisch School of the Arts Department of Drama, the Production and Design Studio trains undergraduate designers and stage managers who will graduate with a BFA in theatre. P&D is an academically rigorous conservatory style program smack dab in the middle of one of the best major research universities in the world—New York University. For P&D students, that research translates into plenty of opportunities to learn about and practice their craft. 

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The CalArts 2011 production of Desire Under the Elms, directed by Zoe Aja Moore.Offering Graduate Degrees in Design & Production at America’s “Top College for Students in the Arts” (Newsweek/The Daily Beast)

California Institute of the Arts is dedicated to the exploration and integration of all artistic disciplines. As an internationally recognized school for the performing and visual arts—film, theatre, art, dance, music and writing—the CalArts artistic philosophy places an emphasis on an exploration of new paths beyond conventional boundaries, fostering collaboration and sparking innovation.

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