Tools of the Trade

Alcons LR28 PreRigAlcons Audio will showcase its LR28 larger-gormat line-array, LR16.2 smaller format line-array system, as well as ALControl proprietary ALC control software protocal at InfoComm 2015.

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Tools of the Trade

Product Shot of Voice Kit Sound Effects from Sound Ideas Sound Ideas' new Voice Kit Sound Effects Kit has more than 18,000 effects from adults, teens and children, including vocal Foley (laughs, coughs, burps, gasps, groans, grunts, screams, yells, yawns, sighs) from all the voice artists, offering a total of 850 Adult vocal Foley effects and 209 Baby & Child vocal Foley effects.

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Tools of the Trade

Creative Stage Lighting's Dura-Flex line of 1000V UL listed cables are available in 14/7, 12/14 and 12/19 configurations. They are also TC-ER listed for installations.

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Tools of the Trade

Fog Fluid Pumping Station

Look Solutions’ new Pumping Station can supply fog fluid to up to 32 connected haze or fog generators, at heights of up to 15 meters. Each machine must be equipped with a special Fluid Reservoir, which can be easily connected to any Look machine via the standard fluid coupling. Using the pumping station, several installed fog generators can be easily supplied with fog fluid from one canister or barrel. This is helpful if machines are installed in places where the fluid canister cannot be changed quickly or easily. The fluid canister will be replaced by a fluid reservoir - which can be fixed at the machine or beside/behind the machine with a hanging yoke. The connection between the fluid reservoirs is made with tubes. The pumping station, which is placed near the barrel, supplies the fluid reservoirs with fog liquid. If a certain fluid level is reached, the valve inside the fluid reservoir closes and the pumping station stops pumping. If there is only a small amount of fluid left in one of the reservoirs, the valve opens and the pumping station starts pumping. Thus, a constant feeding with fog liquid will be ensured.

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Tools of the Trade

Dotz Par 100 LED fixtureThe ADJ Dotz Par 100 is a compact LED par fixture that harnesses the power of an ultra-bright, 100W tri-color (RGB) COB LED source. The chip on board technology allows for smoothly mixed color, avoiding RGB shadows. The COB also allows it to occupy a much smaller form factor, helping lighting designers, installers and venue operators, to create powerful effects, in an array of colors, even if the space they are working with is limited or the venue ceiling is low. The Dotz Par 100 has a 25-80 degree beam angle and 32 built-in color macros. Aside from its Sound Active and Auto Run modes (which runs through the various in-built programs), the Dotz Par 100 gives users a choice between Color Macro and Dimmer modes, as well as a flexible DMX-controlled setting with four channel modes – 3, 4, 5 and 9. In addition, the ADJ Par RF wireless remote control can be used for control over basic features from a distance of up to 82ft (25m). Video tour after the jump.

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Tools of the Trade

ELAR Q1 PAR Elation Professional introduces its new ELAR Q1 ultra-compact, color-changing PAR light with outdoor IP65 rating.

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Tools of the Trade

The Min-E-10WW from Chauvet Professional is the smaller complement to their award-winning LED ellipsoidal.The new Chauvet Professional Ovation Min-E-10WW keeps all the award-winning quality of its larger cousin (the E-190WW) and places it in a “mini” fixture. The Ovation Min-E-10WW measures just 8.9 x 4.3 x 9.1 inches (225 x 108 x 232 mm — is less than half the size and one-fifth the weight of the larger fixture) without lens extension, making it an ideal choice anywhere an excellent quality warm white ellipsoidal is needed for small spaces and discreet use. Powered by a punchy 10-watt 3053K LED, the Ovation Min-E-10WW produces a hard-edged beam that’s perfect for gobo projection too. It includes a convenient built-in gobo holder/gel frame.  Standard E-size gobos will fit the Ovation Min-E-10WW (37.5 mm outside, 28 mm inside, 1 mm maximum thickness).

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Tools of the Trade

Tabletop Shock Mount for Podium MicrophonesDPA Microphones announces the launch of its new Tabletop Shock Mount for podium microphones.

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Tools of the Trade

The prize pairs the 2X-S custom IEM with the Sensaphonics dB Check in-ear sound level analyzer (total value: $1050)To celebrate Better Hearing Month, Sensaphonics is holding a Facebook giveaway. The winner will be awarded a pair of classic 2X-S custom earphones and a dB Chek in-ear sound level meter.

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Tools of the Trade

 The Trusst Dolly Kit is an all-in-one solution for moving large amounts of trussThe Trusst Dolly Kit is a complete all-in-one solution for moving a large amount of truss. The Truss Dolly Kit consists of a pair of wheeled dollies, 10 truss spacers and two ratchet straps. Capable of holding up to 12 sections of straight 290mm truss of any length, the kit allows you to wheel an entire rig’s worth of truss to a destination quickly and easily while protecting it from damage along the way. Truss sections are  loaded onto the dollies horizontally, separated by the truss spacers and secured with ratchet straps. The kit is designed so that there is no metal to metal contact between truss sections, preventing nicks and scratches while in motion. Additionally, the truss spacers themselves feature plastic coated saddles to further cushion truss from the bumps and grinds of the road.

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