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The d&b Audiotechnik V Series of Speakers and some of their rigging and mounting configurations.The new V Series of loudspeakers from d&b audiotechnick includes the V7P and V10P point source loud speakers and the V-GSUB subwoofer. The V7P and V10P are designed to be reliable, lightweight, compact and with a wide range of rigging options for maximum flexibility. Building on the 3-way passive design of the well known d&b V-Series line array modules, the V7P and V10P point sources house two 10” drivers in a dipolar arrangement with a rear mounted 8” MF driver attached to a dual chamber horn. The new V-GSUB is a cardioid subwoofer designed to be the ideal companion to the V7P and V10P for ground stacked applications. The Vi7P, Vi10P and Vi-GSUB are installation versions of these versatile new loudspeakers, offering a visually discreet cabinet design and installation specific rigging systems. Special Colour (SC) and Weather Resistant (WR) finishes ensure they fit seamlessly in any permanently integrated application.

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Tools of the Trade

The Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker and F1 Subwoofer​The F1 Model 812 from Bose is a powered portable loudspeaker that lets users control its vertical coverage pattern. It has four different vertical coverage patterns for a wide range of applications and venues and also features an easy setup process, aesthetically pleasing design, and rugged durability. To control the vertical coverage pattern, users simply push or pull the array into position to create “Straight” (tightest vertical control, for floor-level audience coverage), “J” (adjust vertical splay down, when P.A. is placed on stage), “C” (adjust vertical splay up and down, to cover extreme raked seating), or “Reverse J” (adjust vertical splay up, e.g. for bleacher seating coverage) dispersion patterns. Once set, the system automatically adjusts the EQ to maintain optimum tonal balance for each coverage pattern. Engineered with an array of eight Bose proprietary 2.25-inch drivers, 100-degree horizontal waveguides, a high-powered 12-inch woofer and a lower crossover point, the F1 Model 812 loudspeaker (26.1" H x 13.1" W x 14.6" D; 44.5 lbs. [664.66 x 334.3 x 372.5 mm; 20.2 kg]) is designed to deliver high SPL performance while maintaining vocal and midrange clarity.

For extended bass response, the optional Bose F1 Subwoofer (27" H x 16.1" W x 17.6" D; 55 lbs. [688 x 410.16 x 448.5 mm; 24.9 kg]) packs all the power of a larger bass module into a more compact design. The loudspeaker and subwoofer have a combined 2,000 watts of power (1,000 watts each), able to fill nearly any venue with immersive sound. A Bose proprietary mounting stand for the loudspeaker is integrated right into the body of the subwoofer, making setup fast and easy. The stand even includes cable channels to neatly hide the wires. Additionally, the loudspeaker and subwoofer feature strategically placed handles for stress-free transportation (the system easily fits in a car), made with highly durable materials to ensure years of reliability.

In addition, the F1 Model 812 has been designed with features to facilitate fixed installations through threaded inserts and accessory pan and tilt and yoke brackets.

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About Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, then a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Today, the company is driven by its founding principles, investing in long-term research with one fundamental goal: to develop new technologies with real customer benefits.  Bose® innovations have spanned decades and industries, creating and transforming categories in audio and beyond.  Bose products for the home, in the car, on the go and in public spaces have become iconic.  From the company’s home entertainment systems and Wave® music systems, to high-quality audio and noise cancelling headphones, digital music systems, Bluetooth® speakers and professional solutions, Bose has changed the way people listen to music.

Bose Corporation is privately held.  The company’s spirit of invention, passion for excellence, and commitment to extraordinary customer experiences can be found around the world -- everywhere Bose does business.

Tools of the Trade

Version 3.1 of firmware for Yamaha’s CL and QL lines of digital mixers is now available.Yamaha released version 3.1 of the firmware for CL and QL Series Digital Mixing Consoles, adding a number of new features including control of the RSio64-D, or “bento box”, which serves as a bridge between a Dante network and the MY-card format. Updates are also available for the StageMix application for iPad, R Remote application, and Console File Converter application.

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Tools of the Trade

The Yamaha TF series of digital mixers has new firmwareYamaha’s new TF Mixer firmware V1.12 brings updates and enhancements for the TF series of digital mixers. Yamaha also streamlined the TF Editor V1.12 app for Windows and—for the first time—released an app for Mac platforms. The Firmware update from V1.10 to V1.12 adds eight languages to the HELP screens and modifies some of the Presets. It also improves the user experience and the functionality of the TF mixers. The TF Editor update from V1.10 to V1.12 adds a Zoom function to the Window menu and modifies several Presets.

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