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The Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro
The Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro

The Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro is the next generation of Elation’s Platinum Spot LED moving head. New features on the fixture include a motorized 15°-34° zoom and a built-in EWDMX wireless DMX receiver.  When used with an Elation EWDMXT wireless transmitter (sold separately), it can receive DMX signals wirelessly from up to 3,000 feet away. A 140-watt LED moving head spot, it produces an output comparable to that of a 250-watt discharge fixture. Like the original, the Platinum Spot LED Pro includes: eight dichroic static colors; 14 gobos (seven rotating/indexing, seven replaceable static; a three-facet rotating/indexing prism; motorized iris; motorized focus; variable speed shutter/strobe; and smooth 0-100% electronic dimming. It features three DMX operational modes (14/16/21 channel), and both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors.

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