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 The Larson Electronics’ PML-90LED-DP-120
The Larson Electronics’ PML-90LED-DP-120

The Larson Electronics’ PML-90LED-DP-120 is a high-power LED spotlight produces a light beam reaching 2400 feet in length, features waterproof construction and high stability mounting, and can be operated with either 120 VAC or 12/24 VDC. Its housing is IP68 rated waterproof to three meters of submersion, making it impervious to the effects of splashing water, driving rain, and high humidity. Mounting of the light is through a heavy gauge steel mounting plate with tensioned hinge assembly for secure and stable placement on flat surfaces. A single polycarbonate handle provides easy manipulation and the tensioned hinge allows the operator to adjust the lamp as needed, and then holds it in position once released without the need for lock screws or pins. Power is supplied through an included inline transformer that allows operators to run the light with standard 120 to 277 VAC current. This LED light contains nine 10-watt LEDs and produces a light beam over 2,000 feet long in spotlight configuration. Buyers can also choose an optional floodlight configuration to produce a beam approximately 1200 feet long by 450 feet wide for more dispersed illumination over a wider area.

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