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The Broadway League released its end-of-season statistics, showing attendance up 7.3% from last season, leading to new records in each category.  

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Oldies but goldies - the early disco effects I (c) Clay PakyClay Paky supplied the lighting for the inaugural opening of the Museum of Modern Show Lighting, Europe's first museum devoted specifically to light.

Read more: Clay Paky Supplies Lighting Fixtures for Museum of Modern Show Lighting

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L-R technician Gidi Baliti; Eitan Memia, Technical Manager for Lighting; Meir Alon Head Lighting Designer; Erez Hadar from Robe’s Israeli distributor Danor and technician Loz Zagin (c) Louise SticklandTo accompany a renovation at the Habima National Theatre Israel, Habima Head Lighting Designer, Meir Alon, and Technical Manager for Lighting, Eitan Meima, installed Robe lighting gear, including  Robe ROBIN MMX Spots and ColorSpot 1200E AT profiles. 

Read more: Robe Upgrades Habima National Theatre Israel

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The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society ratified a four-year Theatreworks USA agreement for increased workshop and tour activity compensation, also guaranteeing right of first refusal for the first remount of a production after a premiere tour.

Read more: SDC Society Ratifies New Theatreworks USA Agreement

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After Dad's Garage Theatre raised the funds to buy their new home via Kickstarter, they are starting a new campaign to renovate the space.

Read more: Dad's Garage Theatre Seeking Funds for Phase 2 of "The House of Dad's"

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Carol Eckstein. Dell’Arte’s Mary Jane: The Musical ensemble performing “Nuggy Nuggy Nuggy”  The 25th Annual Mad River Festival from Dell'Arte International  in Blue Lake, Calif., will take place July 18-19 and include performances "from around the world and down the block." 

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Franklin High School auditorium (c) Mike NicolaiFranklin High School's fine arts auditorium received a Broadway-quality audio array upgrade featuring Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers, subwoofers, & stage monitors supplied by Professional Audio Designs.

Read more: Franklin High School Receives Audio Upgrade from Danley Sound Labs

SD University

Advanced Audio & Lighting Systems installed a comprehensive Powersoft audio upgrade for Blackburn College's Bothwell Auditorium, using their amps and control software to shape the sound in the theatre, a choir room and several classrooms. 

Read more: Blackburn College Upgrades Bothwell Auditorium with Powersoft DSP Amplification

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Arnie Burton Brittany Vicars and Robert Petkoff in a scene from 39 STEPS at the Union Square Theatre (c) Joan MarcusSound designer Mic Pool worked with Masque Sound to provide a custom audio system built around a Yamaha M7CL to allow for fast mixing of the area mics and sound effects for the Off-Broadway revival of the madcap 39 Steps.

Read more: Masque Sound Supplies Audio Package for "39 Steps"

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Toucan Productions supports over 1000 events annually through their massive equipment inventory which already included a number of Vari-Lite luminaires and is now strengthened by the 1200W VL4000 Spot luminaire.Toucan Productions brought the VL4000 Spot Luminaires into their Oklahoma City headquarters.

Read more: Toucan Productions Stock Up on Philips Vari-Lite VL4000 Spot Luminaires

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